Sunday, July 6, 2014

History of Inside view of Roza e Rasool (SAW)

"It will be pertinent to mention here that the companions never put bricks or other similar materials on these three graves". Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr {Ra} narrated as mentioned in Sunan Abu Dawud,
'I visited Aaisha {Ra} and requested her to show me these three graves. I observed that the graves were neither very high above the ground nor totally in level with the ground. I saw these covered with reddish color earth.
'It is mentioned in Tabaqatul Kubraa by ibn Sa'ad as narrated by Qaasim,
'I was only a child when I visited these graves which were covered with reddish colour earth.'
It is mentioned in Fath al-Baari as narrated by Abu Bakr Ajari {Ra},
'I saw these graves during the period of Umar ibn Abdul-Aziz {ra}.
These were about four inches above the ground level.'
It is also mentioned in Fath al-Baari as narrated by Rija ibn Haiwah,
'Waleed ibn Abdul-Malik wrote to Umar ibn Abdul-Aziz to purchase the hujrat of the wives of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and include this area in the mosque as well. When the walls of the hujrats were removed, these graves became visible. The sandy soil on the graves had somewhat levelled off.
Umar ibn Abdul-Aziz rebuilt the walls of Aaisha's chamber during the expansion of the Prophet's mosque.'
A renowned scholar, Samhoudi, mentioned in Wifa-ul-Wifaa that the walls of the sacred chamber were remodelled in 878H. He had the privilege and honour of entering the Sacred Chamber during these repairs. Samhoudi said,
'As I entered the Sacred Chamber, I found very delicate fragrance there which I had never experienced in my life before. I offered salutation to the Prophet (pbuh) and his both companions. Then I focussed my attention to condition of the graves so that I could describe it fully to others. All three graves were almost even to the ground level. At one place, there was a slight rise above the ground level. It was probably, Umar's {Ra} grave. The graves were definitely covered by ordinary earth.'
After this occasion, nobody has been able to see these graves since all the four walls of the Sacred Chamber have been fully built upto the roof level and closed for any view.

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